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ライセンス The Tusar bank is regulated by the Central Bank of Russian Federation, the forex activity is regulated by CROFR
取引プラットフォーム MetaTrader 4
住所 Russian Federation, Moscow, 121099, Smolensky Passage, Smolenskaya Square 3.

TusarFX, as a brokerage company, is the main participant of trading in Forex, gold, and silver markets, and also offers advanced services in online binary option trading. We seek to understand your desires, problems, fears, hopes, and offer you the best and most innovative solutions in the global market.
These are not empty words as we strive to be the best broker for our customers and our goal is to offer clients the best combination of advanced modern software, low expenses and margin requirements, effective and responsible back office and a wide range of trading instruments to obtain higher profits. Despite the volatility of the market and high financial risks of Forex trading we guarantee our clients the reliability of their deposits and high quality of our services. Therefore, for our clients profitable Forex is not just the text from a booklet but an achievable reality.
Choosing TusarFX as your broker you acquire such benefits as:
No commissions
Hedging opportunity
Tight spread
Modern software for trading
Fast and fair execution of orders
Variety of instruments
The low margin requirements
Safety of client funds
Professional, multilingual and friendly customer service
Quick and effective work of our back-office
Additional funds for successful trading
Another important advantage of TusarFX is its special customer relationship with the Tusar Bank where the company opened its corporate account. Such relationship allows the company to utilize many advantages available for both local and foreign depositors who safely keep their funds in the Tusar Bank.

Advantages include, among others:
Russian Central Bank's strict regulations and deposit insurance of up to $20,000 per depositor which adds strong layer of safety of clients' funds;
One of the highest yields on savings/investment accounts available today on the major global markets for investors today;
Attractive investment programs available for Russian and foreign individuals and investors with a possibility of opening direct bank accounts in the Tusar bank;
Synergy between the bank and the company, and the high reputation the Tusar Bank earned in Russia for the last 2 decades.
Choosing TusarFX as your broker you receive additional guarantees and besides attractive trading terms you also gain extra confidence in the safety of your funds. In case you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

TusarFX 取引情報

WWW http://tusarfx.com/
住所 Russia, 117638, Moscow, Sivashskaya St., building 7
本部 Moscow
無料電話 +74997033657
ドットを引用符で囲んだ後の数字 5, 4
最小位置サイズ 0.01
メジャーにピップスプレッド 1-2
スプレッドタイプ variable
レバレッジ 500:1
ECN, $ 100
標準口座$ 1
ミニアカウント、$ 1
その他の支払い方法 DengiOnline, PayOnline
一般的な支払い方法 Wire Transfer, Credit Cards, OkPay, Perfect Money, EgoPay
口座通貨 USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, CHF, NZD, XAU etc.
その他の楽器 Gold, Silver, Binary Options
言語 Russian, English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Czech, Armenian, Malay, Bengali, Thai
プラットフォーム MetaTrader 4
財団 2012